Bursting with light, colour, energy and imagination our giant illuminated flowers captivate and engage people, evoking feelings of awe and wonder and igniting a sense of warmth and excitement in any environment. Their design unites the natural beauty of flower forms on an extravagant scale with the practicalities of lighting and seating, setting the stage for adventures.

There are endless design possibilities for your installation, using the variety of flowers that we currently have, depending on whether you choose to use one variety or combine several and whether they are installed to stand individually, clustered together or attached to structures and seating. Pick twenty red tulips to create a magical walkway, or an arch of bluebells which opens into a towering dreamlike garden of different-coloured gerberas. You can let your imagination run wild with only the restrictions of your venue size to consider. Standing up to 6m tall whatever the arrangement, the flowers will dramatically change the landscape of a space by opening it up with an elevated skyline of illumination which can be seen from far and wide. They are also incredibly effective at creating spaces, highlighting specific areas or features, and decorating stages and buildings. To help you envisage some of the installations which are possible, we have gathered together potential layouts and information on our ideas page.

We have worked in many challenging environments and often within limited time scales, so these temporary structures have evolved to be quick to install and remove, robust yet beautiful. As part of the design process we have made sure our flowers are able to meet both safety requirements and the demands of the UK weather, withstanding not only the fierce UK summer sun, but also substantial wind and rain.

With many years of experience in collaborating with clients to create installations specific to their needs across a wide variety of events and scales, you can be confident in our ability to deliver and tailor designs to fit your site, colour scheme and, importantly, your budget. New flower designs are constantly emerging in the studio, but if you have something specific in mind, don’t hesitate to approach us with your ideas and get involved in creating something unique.

Our flowers bloom and glow all year round, so pick a few, take a bunch or gather the whole garden together and watch as they transform your venue into an unforgettable wonderland.

For further information about availability, logistics, costs, or commissioning a new design, please contact us for a chat.

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