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Jigantics story – The cultivation of illumination

Jigantics design make and install their beautiful giant illuminated flower sculptures in public spaces at events and festivals throughout the UK and beyond. Indoors, outdoors, day and night, these 5m-tall flowers are extremely versatile in design and can be used in all environments.

With over 10 years’ experience, Jigantics have established a unique and trusted reputation for creating magnificent and memorable lighting installations that enhance a venue or can completely transform an entire space into a wonderland reminiscent of those encountered in childhood storybooks. All of the  flowers in their garden along with a collection of lanterns are available to hire, however the team also frequently create bespoke designs for individual commissions.

Created by artist and lead Cultivator Jig (James) Cochrane, Jigantics is born from a love of art, nature and gatherings, along with a strong desire to see wild imaginings take form in reality.




Jig is a skilled artist who has a wealth of experience and an understanding of the production and logistics of events on all scales. He has worked in illustration, public mural painting, and set design and build for theatres, and alongside this has been continuously involved in community arts projects and in schools in the UK and abroad. After graduating, Jig took the opportunity to work with an arts organisation in towns and refugee camps in the former Yugoslavia. These workshops involved co-ordinating and teaching large numbers of children to design and build enormous willow-and-paper sculptures, street puppets, and lanterns which would then be used in celebratory carnivals and events.

This empowering art form unites and strengthens groups as they come together to create something beautiful on an ordinarily unthinkable scale, instilling the belief that anything is possible. He continues to work as the art director for the Giant Puppet Project in Cambodia , which runs an annual arts carnival for children and has grown in strength since he co-founded it in 2007. This experience of making huge sculptures of a dreamlike nature and filling them with light sparked the inspiration for the giant illuminated flowers. They have evolved and bloomed over the years, culminating today in the extensive garden of light you see.

Based in Somerset, Jig is constantly nurturing new designs in the Lighthouse Studio, where he works along with his wife Lindsey, and has a wonderful team of experienced creatives, known as the ‘Cultivators’ on hand. These are the folk that help make things happen: sewing, welding, lighting and running round the country, rain or shine, planting the flowers.

Jigantics have designed and built installations on all scales, for high-profile venues such as Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park, through to small private events, so you can be confident that their experienced and passionate team can help you realise your ideas and successfully bring them to life.

For prices, logistics and any other questions, please get in contact for a chat.


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